Waterproof Shockproof Case Box

Waterproof Shockproof Case Box

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Are you looking for the perfect storage solution for your equipment, instruments and tools?

Look no further than the Waterproof Shockproof Case Box! This robust case is made of ABS and sponge material, and is designed to be impact resistant and waterproof. The outside size is 250X200X74mm and the inside size is 235X165X68mm, making it the perfect size for all your items. With features such as a sealed tool case, equipment instrument case, outdoor suitcase, bag storage box, camera photography and ABS plastic storage toolbox, you can be sure that your items are safe and secure. Plus, the black color gives the case a stylish look. Check out the Waterproof Shockproof Case Box today!


🔒 Sealed Tool Case: Keeps items safe and secure with a waterproof and shockproof design.
🎒 Equipment Instrument Case Outdoor Suitcase: Perfect for storing equipment, instruments and tools.
📷 Bag Storage Box Camera Photography: Ideal for camera photography and other items.
📦 ABS Plastic Storage Toolbox: Made of ABS and sponge material for maximum protection.
💪 Impact Resistant Suitcase: Designed to be impact resistant and waterproof.


- Material: ABS and Sponge
- Type: Case
- Color: Black
- Outside Size: 250X200X74mm
- Inside Size: 235X165X68mm


The Waterproof Shockproof Case Box is easy to use. Simply place your items inside and close the case. The robust design will keep your items safe and secure.


Q: What is the material of the Waterproof Shockproof Case Box?
A: The case is made of ABS and sponge material.
Q: What is the size of the case?
A: The outside size is 250X200X74mm and the inside size is 235X165X68mm.
Q: Is the case waterproof?
A: Yes, the case is designed to be waterproof and shockproof.


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